AVETMISS Reporting Made Easy

AVETMISS Done is a simple and cost-effective online student records system designed to enable an RTO to comply with mandatory record keeping requirements, report “Total VET Activity”, and process funding claims.

AVETMISS Done is available as:

  • A self-contained student management system

  • An add-on component to the JWGecko suite of online learning management systems

  • An add-on component to a client’s internal systems

As a self-contained student management system, AVETMISS Done is easy to set up and used without any need for support. New clients can start an account by setting up a monthly or annual payment plan and completing an email confirmation response.

Their RTO details are automatically populated from the training.gov.au system. Clients set up their own trainers and locations, and create their programmes selecting components for accredited programmes directly from training.gov.au.

Data can be imported from NAT files sets (from another SMS) plus some simple text files for trainer and award data which is not contained in that format.

The student enrolment and result structure is simpler than any other major student management system. There are “enter another similar item” options at the end of each step to reduce repetitive data entry.


The main dashboard provides a convenient overview of the state of the data, including:

  • Volume of students

  • Sales chart

  • Data quality metrics

  • Funding status

AVETMISS Done can print all parchment types in known compliant layouts with user customisation options including as logo, signature and watermark images and course-specific extra text.

The AVETMISS export process covers all the major state based reporting regimes used for funding claims, as well as the national format.

  • Errors are displayed in a tree display, colour coded by severity.
  • Users can drill down directly from the message to the problematic field, and there are detailed explanations of each error including advice on how to address the problem.
  • Each error can be ticked off once corrected so the user knows where they are up to.

As an add-on component to our products or the client’s own systems, the student data is populated automatically from the main system and AVETMISS Done acts as the reporting engine for the application. It may also be used to create parchments in PDF format.

Getting started

Clients can create an account here and get started immediately.


Feature List


  • Simple unassisted setup
  • Import data from NAT files and supporting text files
  • Logon using internal, Google or Microsoft account
  • Set up multiple user logins (with optional admin access)


  • Modern low-impact styling with targeted use of colour
  • Attractive dashboard with all critical metrics
  • “Add another...” data entry buttons
  • Recent student and enrolment lists (similar to browser history)
  • Specific or quick (and broad) searches
  • Detailed help topics on every page, field and message
  • User-customisable enrolment statuses and delivery modes


  • Complies and is kept current with all national and state reporting rules
  • Programme components can be selected directly from training.gov.au data
  • Direct online USI verification
  • Print parchments in compliant layouts
  • AVETMISS message drill-down to the field in error
  • Track funding scheme value from approval to payment
  • Retains exported AVETMISS files in the cloud (user manageable)


  • Designed as an online product from the start
  • Can be used stand-alone or as an AVETMISS reporting add-on component
  • User-managed cloud backup and restore