VET Campus

The VET Campus product set is the pinnacle of portal presentation for RTOs in the VET Space. The power of VET Campus comes from SMS integration and data augmentation to make it useful and friendly for VET stakeholders.

VET Campus has six standard views, with the ability to fine tune presentation and functional distribution to a granular level. The standard roles are:

  • Student
  • Trainer
  • Training manager
  • Employer
  • Admissions
  • Quality Assurance

As well as accessing and updating the data from your student management system, VET Campus has a vast amount of functionality already built in:

  • VET LMS our award winning learning management system with 'low touch' view for short course pre-reading and 'full access' view for longer courses requiring more interaction with data such as class schedules, meetings and assessment due dates.
  • VET CRM allows RTOs to nurture leads for higher value courses or corporate training contracts with complete integration with Web Enrol funding eligibility wizards and a private training quote and acceptance mechanism.
  • VET AI (Leon) is an automated SMS administrator who works around the clock to ensure your data is collected, and students are reminded of everything from course commencement to logging into the system. Leon is a set and forget workflow engine that removes many of the repetitive day to day tasks that keeps your RTO running. Leon is email and SMS friendly.
  • VET CMS is our version of Wordpress or any open source CMS and like these products the licences is free. What is different about VET CMS is that is integrated with our Web Enrol and VET Campus products which means all of your web content can be on a single web address and easily leverage benefits in your organic search rankings.
  • VET Pipeline is our Short Course management product that provides a paper-free solution for courses less that five days with control and oversight of collection and completion of all the necessary tasks and documents, from AVETMISS and USI to the issuing of the Statement of Attainment. Pipeline also reminds students after training has been completed of overdue requirements and then automatically completes the enrolment when the tasks are completed.  

RTOs may add VET Campus as an App to Apple iTunes or Google Play. The Apps include your branding on the client's home screen.

VET Campus is usable on:

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • iPads
  • Tablets
  • iPad mini

Features List

Log on

  • Secure activation
  • Redeem
    • via first & last name with date of both
    • via log on
    • via email address

Browser compatibility check

  • Browser version
  • PDF Plug-in
  • Flash Plug-in
  • Screen Width
  • Screen Height
  • Connection speed


  • RTO Logo
  • Own URL
  • Corporate Client Logo and Theme 

Find Student

  • Student search box
  • Advanced search

Task Pod

  • Mark attendance
  • LMS Marking
  • New Student
  • Document Verification
  • Proof of Identity
  • Prerequisite document
  • USI - provide or create


  • Avatar
  • Photo
  • Personal Details
  • About me (on board social media engine)
  • Contact Details
  • AVETMISS details
  • USI
  • Password management
  • Pictures
  • Notification Option
  • Education History
  • Client notes
  • Enrolments
  • Documents ( order via enrolments)


  • Send message to student, trainer, training manager
  • Message via web, email, SMS
  • Message archive (Sent/Received)
  • Privacy protection with 2-way mobile number protection


  • Filtered by Last few months, last month, this week, this month, new few months
  • Export to XLS
  • Occurrences
  • Classes
  • Assignments
  • Events / Meetings


  • Due now
  • Submitted
  • Completed
  • Status
  • Due date
  • Link to assignment
  • Days overdue

Progress on enrolments

  • Occurrence
  • Contract
  • Non-contract
  • Qualification
  • Units

Occurrence Home Page

  • Name
  • ID
  • PIN Code
  • Location with link to map
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Qualification
  • Unit list with links to TGA
  • Class list with links to class page
  • Staff training resources
  • Student training resources
  • Student list (Active, Completed, Inactive)
  • Student picture
  • Soft by first name or last name
  • Add event
  • Send web message, email or SMS to individual or group
  • View Student details
  • Create event
  • View site as (student or trainer)
  • Add enrolment for student
  • Export as xls
  • Refresh students
  • Learning view online progress, assignments or assessments (LMS)
  • Occurrence events, view, complete or create

Students & Enrolments

  • Available to Admissions and Employer/Corporate roles
  • Add new student and then enrolment
  • Find Student and add or edit enrolment
  • Make a payment

Student details

  • Overview
  • Notes (your SMS client notes, add and view)
  • Progress on Enrolments from your SMS
  • Enrolment description notes
  • Student awards, type, parchment number, licence number, expiry date
  • Attendance percentage attendance on enrolments, recent attendance, link to occurrence home page
  • Enrolments list for all students with association, links to Programme page, qualification and unit pages as well as class locations
  • Events: view event, comment and complete and create event
  • Messages Archive for all messages, send message (email, via campus or SMS)
  • Education History

Mark Attendance

  • Student list click through to details
  • Unit list click through to TGA
  • Percentage attendance so far
  • Attendance options
  • Student start time
  • Student end time
  • Sign form ( Finger, Stylus or Signature pad, store signature)
  • Print form to sign (with unit, class and student details and times)
  • Print signed form
  • Store printed form in EcoArc and your SMS
  • Email signed form to self
  • Email form to admissions
  • QR code link to marked form

My Trainers

  • List of staff associated with student enrolments
  • Email or message Trainer/Staff

My Students

  • List of students the staff member is associated with
  • Send message via web,. email, SMS
  • Create Event
  • Create enrolment
  • Assess Student
  • Client details

My Colleagues

  • Colleague details and contacts


  • Name
  • Type
  • Qualification or course
  • Parchment number
  • Licence number
  • Location
  • Expiry


  • General
  • My own
  • Course resources

Support Pod

  • Support request
  • System requirements
  • System check


  • Latest updates
  • eLearning updates
  • My Calendar calendar view of classes and events
  • My Diary list view of calendar and events
  • My Messages
  • Occurrence status (forward bookings)

Social Media Internal

  • Post to you
  • Post from 'friends'
  • Friend request to cohort
  • Delete posts

Provide Assessment

  • Assess an individual or class
  • Organised within an occurrence
  • Listed by units
  • Assess individually
  • Start and end date
  • Add comment to assessment
  • Select result
  • Sign once, sign all
  • Write back to your SMS in real time


New Enrolment

  • Add new enrolment for existing student

If it's not here and you want it, please ask, it may already be there. This list is a subset of the functionality available.

We add features to VET Campus every month!



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