VET CRM is an easy to use and powerful lead nurturing tool that focuses your communication and marketing on the needs of your clients. It is built specifically for the VET space, using inputs from market leading products. These are optimised for the specific VET requirements of:

  • matching client needs to training,
  • informed consent, and
  • process evidence.

VET CRM nurtures registrations for individual enrolments and manages engagement with corporate clients including quote creation and acceptance.

There are customisable views which let you provide your sales staff with the information they need at a glance. Opportunities for sales and their progress through the pipeline are easy to see and access. Complete overviews of sales numbers, required follow ups, sales summaries, activities and graphical performance indicators are available on the CRM Dashboard, further details are a single click away. 

Once your lead is created, you can add an Opportunity for them to enrol. This 4 step process asks you to add an Area of Interest (which is generated based on your enrolment options), select a Referral source, indicate a preferred training location and create the notification to send to your Lead.

VET CRM makes use of Merge Fields, which allow you to create personalised notifications for each of your users. Preview your opportunity and you’ll see exactly what’s about to go to your Lead. Once you’ve selected Send, an email will send to your Lead which provides them a link to the opportunity, and asks for the required details for this application. SMS messaging is also available.

VET CRM is interoperable with VETtrak, Enquiry Mate and AVETMISS Done! SMS products. Ask us about Enquiry Mate and AVETMISS Done! today.