VET Pipeline

This add-on to VET Campus is designed to manage student enrolment progression for courses of less than five days creating an iPad friendly paperless transition from registration to Parchment. The tool allows the RTO to configure a pipeline that includes all the steps and stages of an enrolment from registration to the issuing of a statement of attainment.

A typical pipeline for an NRT course of two days might look like this;

  • Registration
  • Payment
  • USI
  • LMS Theory
  • Attendance Day 1
  • Practical tasks and observations Day 1
  • Attendance Day 2
  • Practical tasks and observations Day 2
  • Assessment summary
  • Record result
  • Issue Certificate (email or via post)

Each step has a status that is easy to overview on your trainers iPad friendly dashboard.

The daily and course signoff wizard generates documents for the trainer to sign and then file without ever reaching a printer.

The assessment checklists are client configurable and able to be updated at any time as standards change.

The documents are stored against the cohort and the individual student to be download at anytime. All documents are backup daily.

The Pipeline also includes access to our VET AI functionality (Leon) that manages post training stragglers who forget their USI or don't complete their online learning and so can't be completed. Leon reminds the students using email and SMS workflows to complete outstanding tasks and then, when they do, 'results' the students and issues certificates automatically.

VET Pipelines may also be configured for longer courses.

This product is interoperable with VETtrak, Enquiry Mate and AVETMISS Done! SMS products.